Sitemap - 2023 - Fight to Repair

Must Read Right To Repair Stories from 2023

New Yorkers Get Their Right To Repair Today. Here’s What You Need to Know.

DRM Gone Wild: The Polish Train Liberation Controversy

National Association of Manufactured Consent: D.C. Group Floats Anti Right to Repair Tome

☕ Repair Coffee: Nathan Proctor is PISSED!

"Buy, Don't Repair" Is Subtle Message of Google Ad Campaign

[Today] Live Discussion on Right to Repair

Tesla Beats Back Anti-Trust Repair Lawsuit, But Deere's Is Headed To Court

The Real Cost of Black Friday Deals

The Big Question: What Comes After Right-to-Repair?

Maine Micdrop: Auto Right to Repair Wins 84% Support At Polls

🚀 1,000 Subscribers and Beyond!

REPAIR Act Advances In U.S. House

EP 19 | Crafting a Circular Future with Katie Treggiden

Apple Calls for National Repair Law

The Green Economy Is A Lie

On International Repair Day: Much To Celebrate

Are Corporate Repairability Pledges Enough?

EP 18 | Putting Repair On The Syllabus

Golden: California Becomes Third State To Enact Broad Right To Repair

The Tricky Economics of Obsolescence

Congress Introduces "Agricultural Right to Repair Act"

You Can't Be "Green" and Restrict Repair

California Legislature Passes Electronics Right To Repair

EP 17 | The McFix Is In!

Is Biden Li-Ion About Batteries? Also: How Apple Could Play the EU's USB C Requirement For Big Profits

In Recorded Conversation, John Deere Dealer Talks Up Predatory Design

Groups Petition Uncle Sam To Repair McDonalds' Wonky McFlurry Machines

Want to teach repair to K-12 kids? There's a grant for that!

Apple Signals Support for California Right to Repair Bill

Bluetooth To The Rescue! NHTSA Does About Face On Massachusetts Telematics Access Law

Tesla Hackers Are Fighting Digital Extortion

Empty Promises of Circularity

The $800 Billion Secret Inside Your Car: Data

EP 16 | Matthias Kirschner wrote a Children's Book about the Right to Repair (and Free Software, too!)

Bicycles: An Antidote To Throw-Away Culture

Summer Social: Follow Fight To Repair Online

Lack of Repair Options Drives Great Video Game to Die Off

This week: U.S. House asks “Is there a right to repair?”

Should Car Safety Features Have A Paywall?

M.O.Used: Automakers Try End Run Around Repair Industry on Telematics Access

From Farms to Pharmaceuticals: It’s the Monopoly, Stupid!

EP 15 | Alexandre Isaac of The Repair Academy

Air-Conditioner Repair in a Warming World

BatteryGate: EV Edition? Tesla’s Battery Shenanigans Spark Lawsuit...and Bigger Questions

Apple Grants Self Repair for M2 Macs and iPhone 14

Beware of "Circular Washing"

NHTSA tells automakers not to comply with Massachusetts vehicle right to repair law

Is the EU falling behind the U.S. on right to repair? Also: Proposed patent rules could fuel repair restrictions

Repairable Devices Shift Focus To Software Support

Bosch: “We Don’t Support Self Service”

Powerful Forces Are Eroding Ownership

With Governor’s Signature, Minnesota Gives Residents A Right to Repair

French Authorities Investigate Apple Part Pairing as Deceptive Business Practices

Are Bicycles Becoming Less Sustainable?

Microsoft backed a repair bill in Washington State. It died anyway.

Colorado Farmers Win Their Right To Repair: Week in Repair

EP 14 | Willie Cade’s Mission To Save John Deere From Itself

Chromebook Churn could sink school budgets (and the planet)

Is Colorado The Most Repair-Friendly State in the US? Recent Victories Say “Yes.”

Ag Equipment Right To Repair Headed To Governor’s Desk in Colorado

Cochlear Implant Users Face Grim Future Without Repair or Upgrades

28+ State AGs Urge Federal Right-To-Repair Legislation

March Madness: State Lawmakers Press Right to Repair

Group calls out Deere for skirting GPL. Also: advocates pan EU right to repair rules.

Tesla hit with anti-trust suit over repair restrictions. Also HP is still barring 3rd party ink

Tool libraries are about repairing communities

Ford gets Tough with patent for "Repo-Bot" Technology - Week in Repair

Ep 13 | Kit Walsh of EFF on the fight to liberate repair by overturning DMCA Section 1201

More than six billion smartphones on Earth, but who will fix them? Week in Repair

Customers Revolt After Arlo Announces Premature End of Life for Cameras - Week in Repair

DOJ plows ahead: supporting farmers in Deere anti-trust lawsuit - Week in Repair

In Colorado: Wheelchair Repair Law Is Already Transforming Lives

Liberate the appliances! Washing machine hacker outsmarts anti-repair measures - Week in Repair

Report: 86% of Appliance Makers Withhold Repair Manuals - Week in Repair

EP 12 | Hillbilly hacker Travis Goodspeed on junk hacking and the right to repair

Activation locks send working Macbooks to the trash- Week in Repair

With eye on sustainability, EU agrees to new battery regulations - Week in Repair

Auto Industry Wins More Delays In Massachusetts Auto Repair Case

Our Picks For The Top Repair Stories of 2022

Deere hedges bets on repair with new agreement - Week in Repair

It's a Trap? Deere Signs Repair MOU With Farm Bureau

Repair-flation? Apple Continues Cost Increases of Battery Replacements - Week in Repair