What is Fight to Repair?

In a world that is increasingly populated by smart, Internet connected and software driven "stuff," your rights of ownership - including the right and ability to service and maintain your own property - are in jeopardy.

Even as the countries moves to embrace "circular economy" principles that minimize waste and maximize reuse, repair and recycling, large, powerful corporations and corporate interests are pushing in the opposite direction: using expansive arguments about copyright and intellectual property to push small businesses out of existence and build software-enforced monopolies over service, parts and repair. But people are fighting back.

Fight to Repair covers the grassroots battle to be able to fix our own stuff and - in the process - empower consumers, small businesses, the marketplace and the planet. The publication was founded by Paul Roberts (@paulfroberts), an experienced technology journalist and founder of SecuRepairs.org, a group of information technology professionals who support the right to repair.

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Fight to Repair reports from the front lines of the global fight for the right to repair our stuff. Written by Paul Roberts, the founder of SecuRepairs.org and and Jack Monahan, F2R brings you weekly repair news roundups, original reporting and podcasts.


Paul Roberts

Publisher & EIC @securityledger, Founder @securepairs and @secthings. A reporter, runner & dad. Opinions are mine alone. Open DMs. Signal/WhatsApp +16178170198

Jack Monahan

Editor @ Fight to Repair