Sitemap - 2021 - Fight to Repair

The Week in Repair: Dec 20-27

The Week in Repair Dec 13-20

The Week in Repair: Dec 6-12

Week in Repair: News Highlights

Apple Grants Repair Indulgence for iPhones

Repair-Off: 10 Month Old Fitness Tracker vs. 55 Year-Old Radio

Court Decision Looms On Auto Right to Repair. A Lawyer Explains What It’s All About.

FTC’s Vote Shows Right to Repair’s Bipartisan Face

Tesla is a Vocal Opponent of the Right to Repair. Now we know why.

The Executive Order On Repair Is Out And It’s Awesome

Biden’s EO Could Transform Right to Repair Debate

Dispute Over Insurance Blew Apple’s Cover In Scandal Over Leaked Photos

The Repair Angle In Wired’s Big McDonalds Ice Cream Expose

Smashing Security Podcast Takes on Right to Repair (And Stinky Cheese)

Looking for stories: how’s “authorized repair” working for you?

Colorado Lawmakers Sing A Familiar Tune in Opposing Right to Repair: Google’s

FTC Report Slams OEM Restrictions on Repair

Right to Repair: Taking it to the Streets with Louis Rossmann

Should indie medical-device techs have the ‘right to repair’?

Deceptive Warranty Claims Persist Three Years After FTC Warnings

D-Students: Microsoft, Apple Get Failing Grades on France’s Repair Index. (For Now.)

The Right to Repair on the Hacker Mind Podcast

How Big Ag Weaponizes The Clean Air Act To Keep Its Repair Monopoly

Farm State Firestorm Over Repair

Red Flags for Repair in Proposed Auto Cyber Guidelines

Right to Repair Heats Up In The States

How Much Could Repair Save Americans? (Hint: It’s a Really Big Number.)