Sep 14 • 53M

EP7 | Teach a Man to Fix with Peter Mui

Fixit Clinic founder talks about environment and social benefits of sharing knowledge on repair and working in community with others.

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Weekly dispatches from the front lines of the global fight for the right to repair, including interviews with repair warriors on the front lines hosted by Paul Roberts, the founder of and The Security Ledger and Jack Monahan.
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Thirteen years ago Peter Mui held the first ever “Fixit Clinic” – driven by his motivation to change our disposable culture and to empower people to fix the things they own. The Fixit Clinic model, built on the idea that if people have access to tools and guidance then they can fix their things, has spawned a global following which seeks to make repair more accessible to everyone.

Paul and Jack chat with Peter about the economic privilege associated with repair, how school districts that purchased Chromebooks during the pandemic are likely in trouble, and envision a future where the things we own are produced in our local communities

💡 Want to get involved with Fixit Clinic? You can join their Discord server as a participant looking to fix something or an observer.

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